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Selena   Facebook

Dreams has very good absorption for heavy flow menstruation & the pad itself is very slim and comfortable to wear.


Sue   Facebook

Main issues that I usually face are restriction in activities and heavy flow. In terms of absorption for heavy flow, there are no differences between Dreams and my current brand Kotex. However, in terms of restriction in activities, Dreams has an advantage as it is slimmer.

Lulu Destinee Candice

Lulu Destinee Candice   Facebook

Dreams has a pretty packaging. It's very convenient to carry around and you can reclose after opening. The ultra slim design is surprisingly very absorbent. The surface is remained dry after using for many hours. It does not leave behind a sticky feeling and most importantly, no bad odour. I feel clean and fresh throughout the day.

Cheria Yuki Tan

Cheria Yuki Tan   Facebook

Soft and comfortable. Absorbs very well even at night.

Patricia Lim

Patricia Lim   Facebook

The product material is good. Absorbency is rated 7 on a scale of 10. The packaging for individually wrapped pad can be improved. The packaging for the product is nice.

Displaying 36 to 40 (of 42 testimonials)