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Sqinm Teoh

Sqinm Teoh   Facebook

Feel really comfortable to wear it.

Bella Vo

Bella Vo   Facebook

Product packaging is very nice. The pad is thin, soft make more comfortable, and the absorption is very good. Dreams is better than the products that I've used before. I like it. 

Kong Jing Yi

Kong Jing Yi   Facebook

Surprisingly good odour control, almost eliminates all the bad smell. Long and sleek, easy to carry. The top layer does not feel soft enough, not too comfortable. The packaging is very convenient and useful as it can be resealed. The surface of the pad gives me a "not-dry" feel so gives me a false feeling that the absorbtion is not good enough... but I must really admit that odour control is very good, even the new Libresse odour pads do not work as well.

SherLynn Chan

SherLynn Chan   Facebook

The opening of the packet is a little bit difficult to tear open as it seems to be quite tightly sealed up which I find inconvenient. For hygiene purposes, I do agree having each packet being tightly sealed is essential, but again, not too tight. As for the product itself, it's not too bad, but it's a little too thin for me (for heavy flow) that made me feel uneasy. The liners are good, love it, the width and length make it just the right size!


NeO XIaOWan   Facebook

The packaging of the product is relatively attractive and convenient for ladies to bring it anywhere. No longer having the 'shy and hide' of the sanitary pad whenever it is needed. The sanitary pad is slim and it has a strong absorbent which leave the skin dry and clean. The only negative point is when opening of the sanitary pad, the opening sheet is easily being teared off yet without opening of the sanitary pad itself.

Displaying 26 to 30 (of 42 testimonials)