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Merilyn Merri

Merilyn Merri   Facebook

Overall is good...just one thing to share is while tearing off the cover, I am a bit afraid to tear off the sanitary pad. Compare to others, I give 10 out of 10 for absorbency, it's definitely dry as the absorbency is very good. I quite like the cover, as it's not plastic like other brands. My sister also like it.

Michelle As

Michelle As   Facebook

I find the sanitary pad is very good for heavy flow. Although it is very thin but it have a great absorbing power compare to other brands.
I never experienced any leakage even I wear it overnight. They are comfortable and have wings to hold them in place. 
I just simply love this product.

Yoon Pauline

Yoon Pauline   Facebook

I was surprised that the ultra-thin sanitary pad able to absorb heavy flow menstrual especially during night time. The best part is that I can barely feel I was wearing it. Usually for heavy flow, the sanitary pad will be very bulky as if wearing Pampers. This is different! I am so glad that I was introduced to Dreams.

Erina Chan

Erina Chan   Facebook

Very slim, good absorption, odour free. Its very very good and amazing.

Joanne Lim

Joanne Lim   Facebook

The pad is very slim and the absorption is very good.

Displaying 21 to 25 (of 42 testimonials)