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Yun Yau Liu

Yun Yau Liu   Facebook

So happy with the Day pad as its so comfortable, thin and I am not allergic wearing it. Night pad I can afford to sleep soundly without worrying about leakage.

Elaine Eu

Elaine Eu   Facebook

I like the packaging and the pads are slim. I feel very comfortable and without itching like before.

Anne Tan 陈淑雁

Anne Tan 陈淑雁   Facebook

There's no unpleasant odor, and its very slim and comfortable.

LYY (Anonymous)

LYY (Anonymous)   Facebook

Dreams was recommended to me by my friend. Initially I doubt its benefits that can help to solve my problems because I have irregular heavy flow and makes me very uncomfortable, bothered me all this while. Somehow, I went ahead to try the pad just a month. Surprisingly, I feel very comfortable and dry. Most importantly, I need not go for long jumbo pads anymore as its absorbence is so good !

Eniko Huey

Eniko Huey   Facebook

I can feel that the pad is thinner than others and its very comfortable and dry.

Displaying 11 to 15 (of 42 testimonials)