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Onestop Pipiyaya

Onestop Pipiyaya   Facebook

I feel very comfortable wearing and the packaging is very nice, and resealable packing is easy to carry.

Ong Suan Seim

Ong Suan Seim   Facebook

I have used in the past some products that were bulky (heavy), did not prevent odor, not comfortable (hot). I find Dreams very soft, thin, light and good air ventilation (not hot).

Ewe Yee

Ewe Yee   Facebook

Its dry and comfortable, absorbence is good. Its easy to carry in my bag.

Lee Zen

Lee Zen   Facebook

Feeling as good as the other brands I experienced before. The pad packaging sometimes do get too sticky to peel off or only the first layer of packaging got off 1st.

Pei Er

Pei Er   Facebook

Its cool and fresh feeling when I wear, and its very slim. There is no unpleasant smell.

Displaying 6 to 10 (of 42 testimonials)