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Ning-Ning Beh

Ning-Ning Beh   Facebook

I like the shape of the pantyliner very much. It is still in good shape after wearing the whole day and of course, it is still clean and dry. Also, the sticker is just nice, not too sticky and easy to remove. Overall, it is really comfortable and definitely will be my first choice.

Catherine Ewe

Catherine Ewe   Facebook

I was amazed that Dreams really worked. Very effective in absorbency and the dryness on the surface very good which I never experienced before. I found out that the fishy smell also disappeared when used the pad. I cant solve this problem in the past but now smelly no more. And now I feel very happy, comfortable all day long and peace of mind.

May Ling Chan

May Ling Chan   Facebook

This sanitary pad provides instant comfort from the first moment of wear. It provides long lasting comfort from morning till night. I feel natural and comfortable all day long.

Doris Fong

Doris Fong   Facebook

For comfort reason, my priority when choosing sanitary pad is it must have cottony type of surface, and Dreams has it. Secondly, it has good absorption for the clean, fresh and dry feeling even using it for hours. Love the safe & relax feeling when using Dreams.

YunnMei Law

YunnMei Law   Facebook

One thing I love about Dreams is the ultra slim design and the soft cottony surface. It is very comfortable and left me with no worries when wearing tight skirts or leggings during that time of the month. Another winning point is, Dreams is absolutely odourless after a long day as opposed to my previous brand. I still feel fresh and clean by the end of the day. It is safe to say that my search for a better brand have come to a halt. I have gained confidence in the brand and their promise for a safer and healthier feminine well being.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 42 testimonials)