Did You Know?

Save Her. Save Yourself.

Did you know that some sanitary pads are made from harmful chemically-bleached recycled materials?
Many sanitary pads in the market are made from harmful recycled wastes. Chemical agents are used in the recycling and bleaching process. These harmful materials may contain high level of lead, bacteria as well as chemical additives.

Did you know that a woman will use an average of 15,000 pieces of sanitary pads in her lifetime?
If you use an inappropriate sanitary pad, you will have tortured your V-zone for 15,000 times in your lifetime. So, save her. She deserves better.

Did you know that reproductive tract infection (RTI) contributes to 45% of female infertility?
Research shows that chronicle reproductive tract infection is one of the leading causes of cervical, ovarian and endometrial cancer. According to the WHO, 87.5% of the women suffer from reproductive tract infection of various degrees.

Did you know that women are vulnerable to bacteria and viruses during menstruation?
For ordinary sanitary pads used for two hours, its surface may have bacteria numbering up to 107 per square centimeter. Use of inappropriate sanitary pads may cause rashes, itchiness and even urinary tract infection.

Do These. Do Not Do Those.

Did you know how to choose the right sanitary pad?

  • Rapid absorbency rate to ensure a dry and comfortable skin surface
  • Effective absorption agent that prevents backflow and sticky feeling
  • Air permeable (breathable) material to ensure a dry and refreshed feeling
  • Reasonably small size and thickness without compromising absorbency
  • Individually packed to avoid contamination
  • Safe, natural and non harmful chemically-bleached recycled material

Did you know that sanitary pads with medication or fragrance are not recommended by doctors?
Use sanitary pad the right way:-

  • Wash your hands clean before handling a new sanitary pad
  • Do not store sanitary pads in the bathroom. Humidity encourages bacteria growth
  • Do not use sanitary pads with medication (herbal) or fragrance
  • Do not use expired sanitary pads or sanitary pads that do not state expiry date, to ensure hygienic standard
  • Change sanitary pad every 2-3 hours to avoid bacteria growth
  • Do not use low-priced sanitary pads that use low-quality, harmful chemically-bleached recycled material. Your health is priceless

Go Natural. Go Healthy.

Did you know that Dreams® gives you peace of mind in material, absorbency, odour-free and MORE?
Dreams® products

  • are made from safe, natural and non-harmful materials
  • have premium soft cotton surface to give you natural comfort and softness
  • have super absorbent polymer core to lock in moisture fast and keep the surface dry
  • have super breathable bottom layer
  • have negative ions and far-infrared strip that are very effective in eradicating bacteria growth and odour
  • may help to reduce menstrual discomfort naturally

Did you know that most of the bacteria that cause gynecological issues will die within 30 seconds to 1 minute in oxygen?
Negative ions are oxygen atoms with an extra electron. Negative ion & far-infrared strip in Dreams® can release up to 6140 negative ion during movement. Large quantities of negative ions and oxygen can penetrate the body easily and kill the very causes of diseases - bacteria and viruses.

Live Protected. Live You.

Work meetings, family gatherings, social events, yoga classes, errands, outings with friends and many more. The pace of life is relentless. But you are enjoying it. You want to live a fulfilling life. You want to live an adventurous life. You want to be in control of your life. You want to live YOU.

Feminine hygiene and health should not present any undue concerns in your busy life. You want zero doubt on everyday feminine hygiene, health, freshness protection and leaks. You want value because you value your life.

Make Dreams® your partner.

Live naturally.
Live uninhibitedly.
Live freely.
Live protected.
Live you.